Our Mission

Connecting academia, industry and government with pragmatic, innovative geothermal energy research for Western Canada and the public-at-large.

The University of Alberta has been one of Canada’s leading authorities on geothermal energy research for more than three decades.

Currently, we are the only university in Canada with a research group focused exclusively on geothermal energy sciences.  Our research group consists of experts in many fields related to geothermal energy exploration; development and operations, including hydrogeologists; reservoir geologists geophysicists; engineers; economists and social scientists.  

Our research is focused both on incremental innovations that will allow the immediate exploitation of easily accessible geothermal resources in Western Canada and the development of transformative/disruptive technologies designed to make geothermics a globally dominant form of renewable energy for the 21st Century. We work closely with industry partners, all levels of government and a myriad of funding organizations to achieve an informed, unified approach towards bringing geothermal energy to Canada.

Geothermal energy comes to Hinton, AB

A UAlberta research partnership to retrofit wells near Hinton has the potential to provide megawatts of power to the local community. It’s the latest project to investigate the use of geothermal energy.

Can’t stop the engines

David Miller spent eighteen months trying to get the engine he built to run. Then he found a graph that told him not to bother.

Geophysicists go underground to investigate the future for geothermal energy

Hot water is additional key to drive oil-and-gas-driven economy out of hot water By Jennifer Pascoe Geophysicists at the University of Alberta are working to generate images of underground rock structure to target the best places to extract the hot water needed to...

U of A researcher studies geothermal energy potential in Alberta

The future of geothermal renewable energy is being spearheaded by University of Alberta researchers. The university is developing new energy options thanks to $75 million in funding for the Future Energy Systems initiative. As part of the...

Why the future of global energy is local

Larry Kostiuk knows the future of energy is complicated.

He grew up in the Canadian Arctic and trained as a combustion engineer in Alberta, at Cambridge in the U.K. and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California. He then worked for NASA in Ohio and on other projects in the Himalayas, rural China and France. Living around the world taught him that, depending on a society’s geography, culture and history, energy expectations and solutions can vary dramatically.

A geothermal transect in the western US

A geothermal transect in the western US

By: Theron Finley Time is flying and another leg of my journey is now complete. I think the past 4 weeks in the central-western US have been the busiest so far, packed full of meetings, conferences, tours, and field trips. My brain is feeling pretty saturated, and...

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